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2012 Presidential Cookie Bake-Off

I've already posted here about the traditional bake-off held during each US presidential election. This time around, I tried another recipe from Ann Romney: M&M cookies. Smarties cookies will have to do -- no plain M&Ms to be found (at least not easily) in Paris.

These cookies got the seal of approval from Bon Bon. My husband, who doesn't like peanut butter even liked them. I would've tried Michelle Obama's recipe for white and dark chocolate chip cookies, but again, no butter-flavored Crisco to be found in these parts.

Click here for the recipes (Update: Michelle Obama is the winner!)


Euro 2012

Now that the (French) elections are over, we can fully dedicate our nighttime TV-viewing to the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Even Simon's getting into it, whereas whenever Des paroles et des actes came on the television, he would just leave the room...

Full disclosure: this photo was not taken during the Euro tournament, as "MAR" and "MIL" are not European countries. Though I'm fully incapable of telling you which teams these are, as I don't care much for soccer (ok, ok, "football")...