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Large Granny Square Blanket

Here's a crochet project I started nearly one year ago and finished in late June (with a few long breaks along the way). The inspiration for this large granny square blanket came from this project on the Purl Bee blog.

One of my favorite parts of making my first granny square blanket was doing the border rows. There were very few yarn changes, as opposed to the inside squares, and it was easy to get into a rhythm and stay there. To make this blanket you more or less crochet one border row after the next -- I loved it.

I made a lot of progress on this blanket during our vacation to the south of France last spring. To this I attribute the fact that the blanket didn't up being exactly square -- the edges are quite wavy, probably because I was more relaxed and my tension lower (crochet tension, though my regular tension was probably lower too!).

I made this blanket as a gift for our friends' daughter who is just a few months younger than ours. I think it will be perfect for in-between weather (Spring, Autumn) since the pattern lets in light and air, but not too much.

Here's more info on the materials used:

3,5 mm crochet hook

8 skeins Phildar Phil Thalassa in Indigo

6 skeins Phildar Phil Thalassa in Horizon

6 skeins Phildar Phil Thalassa in Denim

6 skeins Phildar Phil Thalassa in Meringue

This yarn is made up of 75% cotton and 25% Lyocell, which comes from seaweed and according to Phildar has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties (perfect for a baby!).



Has it really been one month since my last post? Time has flown by around here recently. Despite being very busy at work, we were able to take off a week this month and take our annual trip to the south of France. I posted lots of pictures last year and will be posting some more over the weeks to come.

All the Easter chocolate around here has kept me from doing much baking. Plus, the fruit in the stores and at the market is getting better and better...another reason why I am so glad that Spring is finally here.

I'm also very close to finishing a crochet project that I've been working on since autumn. I was able to make a lot of progress in the car during our vacation and yesterday while watching the royal wedding coverage. Hope to have something to share with you soon.


Granny Square Blanket: it's finished!

I'm happy to say that I finally finished my granny square blanket. It took nearly 6 months to create, though in my defense I did put it down for a few long stretches over the summer to work on other projects, get ready for the baby, have a baby... Nevertheless, the timing ended up being perfect because I was able to use it as a prop when we had my daughter's pictures taken (above) during our trip to the US for Thanksgiving. 

The blanket is composed of 108 4-round granny squares, each round a different color (I used Schachenmayr nomotta Cotton Eco yarn). I was unsure of whether I would do a border or not, but once I had the squares stitched together, I realized that it was a necessity to make the blanket look more polished. I ended up crocheting 8 rounds -- 2 of each yarn color -- for the border.

My favorite part of this project was crocheting all of the squares together and adding the border rows. I loved the repetition and how few yarn changes were required, especially in comparison with the individual granny squares. My least favorite part? Having to redo several of the squares because they were crocheted either too tightly or too loosely. Sewing in all those ends is pretty low on the list as well.

Like countless others before me, my inspiration to make this blanket came from some of the beautiful creations on the Attic24 blog. Lucy's sense of color is amazing -- I wish I had one-tenth of it. For this blanket, since it was for my baby girl, I deliberately chose a muted, pastel color palette.

I'm really pleased with the results and think it looks great in the nursery. Hopefully it will last through the years of use that await it, and hopefully one day my daughter will love it as much as I do. It's already found a fan in Simon:


In the home stretch

All yarn ends have been sewn in, each square has been blocked (above), the blocked squares have been assembled into strips and the strips are currently being sewn together.  My granny square blanket is almost completed, albeit a little behind schedule. To add a border or not to add a border, that is the question.


Granny Square Blanket Update

Here's a quick update on my granny square blanket. When I first posted about this project, I jokingly wondered if I would be able to finish it in time for my baby's arrival. Well, as you can see, it's still not finished. Lucky for me, she was born in the August... Autumn is now here, though, so I need to get hopping if I'm going to finish the blanket by the time the cold weather arrives. 

I laid out all of the completed squares to get a sense of the progress made and determined that it will take about 40 more to reach the right size. Despite the fact that these squares are rather small, it takes me roughly 30 minutes to complete each one. I can do them in less time, but as with many things I've tried to do faster (reading, cooking, my hair...), the quality suffers as a consequence. Since my hope is that this blanket will become a keepsake for my daughter, I refuse to rush through it.

So I've decided that starting today I'll make myself find the time to crochet at least one square per day, with the goal of completing the blanket by the end of October. Wish me luck!