Weekend Baking: Bunny Cake


We served this bunny cake alongside the traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner this weekend (we always celebrate ahead of time, to coincide with one of the early November holiday weekends in France).

A bit off-season, but this is the cake V wanted to make for her grandfather's birthday, also in early November. At the moment she's really into watching bunny cake videos on youtube. And people opening kinder eggs.


Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it. It's not Halloween over here until we've put a festive collar on Simon.


Les Fermes de Gally

As the season for apple picking is coming to an end, we decided to take a trip to our favorite orchards at Les Fermes de Gally, not far from Versailles.


There were actually quite a few fruits and vegetables available, from lettuces... strawberries (quite surprised to see these at this time of year)...


On our prior visits the farm, I never noticed the fresh herbs.


Or the wildflowers -- really lovely


On the way out, driving through Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole, I couldn't help but stop and take a picture of the autumn foliage.


Liberty Quilt

I've decided that my next quilting project will incorporate several Liberty fabrics I've picked up over the years. Some of the fabric I bought awhile back, with plans to make dresses for my daughter. But most of it I just picked up here and there because I liked the pattern, without a real plan about how I would use it.

The quilt pattern will be simple, similar to this Happy Squares quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew, with ivory cotton fabric separating the Liberty squares. The fabrics have such colorful, dense patterns that I didn't want another color to compete with them. I plan to spend a short amount of time every couple of days on this quilt, with hopes of finishing it over the next few weeks. 


Weekend Baking: Irish Cupcakes

Not the best picture I know, but it was pretty late when I took this -- I'm not always very realistic about what I can get done in a single weekend. I've been wanting to make these cupcakes ever since I read about them here on the blog 'Nook & Pantry'. Finally got around to it 4 1/2 years later(!)

Also known by the less politically-correct name "Irish car bomb" cupcakes, these are made with Guinness in the chocolate cake, Irish whisky in the chocolate ganache and Bailey's in the frosting. I think it would be fun to make a layer cake version of this. Or perhaps one of those really large cupcakes -- though you'd have to be more strategic about where you put the the ganache.

Here's another version of the recipe for those who don't have access to cream cheese for the frosting. Also, if you're not a huge fan of desserts with alcohol in them due to the sometimes overpowering way it tastes, no need to worry -- in these cupcakes you could really only taste it in the frosting, which could be easily adjusted.